Rick and Morty A Way Back Home Game Download

Rick and Morty a way back home is one of the most amazing games because it has everything

that an adult wants to do. I mean it has very good graphics.

Even if you are going to play this game for the first time, it will be an amazing gaming experience.

Why I am saying this? Only because you will see many 18+ scenes while playing this game

along with that you will do many adventures too.


Download Rick And Morty A Way back Home For (Windows/Mac/Linux/Android)
NameRick And Morty A way Back home
UpdateOctober 22, 2022
Release DateN/A

Game Story-line

Rick and Morty a way back home is a role-playing android game which is created by a fan and this game is becoming more and more popular day by day.

Especially if you are from the united states of America, you may already know that this game became so famous there.

it is the latest version that shows an all-new adventure story that is probably unique and different from other game makers and

that is why it became so famous.

this game has more than 7 hours of content that is recently updated so

even if you play consistently it will take 7 hours to fully complete.

What is Rick and Morty a way back home?

As I already said it is a role-playing game where Basically one character Morty tries to change himself. I mean old Morty tries to become a new one

And he does some new things which have never been done by old Morty.

In this game, you will be allowed to choose from multiple options about what you want to perform.

Rick and mort a way back home game is based on Rick and Morty’s official show and that is the main reason this game has millions of active users worldwide.

Rick And Morty A way back home

And also without paying anything, if you are using Rick and mort a way back home you know that

you have to pay subscription fees to play premium games. And you may get free.


In this section, we have decided to cover some information regarding tutorials so that anybody especially new players can easily understand.

When a player starts rick and morty a way back home game, he will see the tutorial however, after reading this point, you won’t need to complete any tutorial.

In order to hide Ui, the player will need to swipe down, and swiping left will help you to roll back.

For skipping text, just tap on swipe right and when you use swipe right the main menu of the game will open.

If the user wants to see memory and disk usage information while playing then click on swipe down and all details about memory usage will be shown.

But if players want to use their keyboard and mouse then they can easily enter the in-game menu with the help of a right-mouse click.

By using left-click and space button, you can go to advanced settings in Rick and Morty game.

For choosing things and taking action, you can use Enter, z keys on your keyboard.

The player can cancel and exit the game with the help of the Esc and X buttons. So these all buttons and keys have used to play the game.

New story Added

The good news is that you will see a new story in this game Rick and Morty a way back home.

By this I mean you can play two stories in-game the first one that I have already discussed above and the new story is the adventure part

When you start this game then you will see Rick and Morty flying in the sky in search of a crystal ball.

Also to stop Rick and Morty from going posses to the crystal ball, one evil sent a big honeybee to kill them if they don’t stop finding the crystal ball.

rick and morty a way back hime

Rick and Morty don’t know what will happen to them while finding the crystal ball. Even Morty a friend of Rick tries to kill that big giant honey bee but he failed to do this.

After knowing that Morty is not confident Rick tries to help him to become more confident.

To do this Rick sends Morty to a different amazing world where Morty will have to do many things to regain his confidence.

By the way, I think knowing everything about what things Morty will do to become a confident download.

Features of Rick and morty a way back home

I have provided some unique and advanced features of this game because I do not want to ruin your experience I have only pointed out some useful features below.


By using Rick and Morty a way back home apk,  you can see the original Rick and Morty from the official show

but this game also has some unique and different characters that make this game more unique.

Multiple devices supported

Rick and Morty a way back home also supports multiple devices

so that you can play this game inside your android or ios or personal computer without a problem.

No Advertisement

In this app, you will see no advertisements in comparison to various apps. We know that seeing advertisement frequently is so much annoying.

High quality

The quality of all the gameplay is the highest quality

which means you need to select in which quality you want to play the game.

Free to Use

You can use all these features of Rick and Morty a way back home apk free of cost. You don’t need to pay anything for using this game.

More Advanced Features

You can stream live games and also live play with the help of Rick and Morty a way back home apk latest version.

rick and mort a way back home

How to download Rick and Morty a way back home game?

It is very simple to download any games from gbwhtspro even though I have shared some points to make it easier.

There are many users who are new to gbwhtspro and don’t know about downloading process therefore this section will help them.

  • Tap on the download button and wait only for 19 seconds. It is necessary for generating links.
  • Then you will see links to rick and morty game, choose your device from android/windows/Mac/Linux.
  • Click on the download button and the file will be downloaded on your device.
  • And the rest information I have given below is according to your device’s operating system.

Method to install Rick and Morty a way back home on an Android device

  • choose the download according to your device from windows/android/mac.
  • after waiting for a few seconds before downloading starts.
  • then the file will be downloaded, now open your file explorer and choose the file apk
  • if you have enabled unknown source, then visit on install but if not, activate it by visiting setting>unknown source> tick mark.
  • Rick and Morty’s game is successfully installed on your Android, you can start playing.

Methods to install Rick and morty a way back home on windows devices

there are basically two methods to install rick and Morty a way back home on your windows first you can use an android emulator or you can use .exe file in order to run.

with the help of .exe file

  • download the zip file of the Rick and Morty game then extract it, now choose the rick and morty.exe file and wait for installation.
  • now you can run this game on windows.


How to download Rick and Morty a way back home?

It is very simple to download Rick and Morty a way back home just visit the download link then install it on your device and start playing.

How to play rick and Morty a way back home?

It is very easy to play when you install this game for the first time you will see the option of a tutorial just complete that tutorial and you will get to know everything about how to play.

Can I play rick and Morty way back home on Linux or Mac?

The answer is yes it can be downloaded on Linux and Mac devices while downloading chose the option of Linux or Mac.


After reading this post, you will surely like this game and I hope that I have explained all information to you. it is the best game with graphics and sound quality.

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