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Social media is the best platform for many users who want to enjoy their free time and those who want to share their excellent content-creating skills with the audience.

OnlyTik Apk is the adult version of the famous social media platform TikTok. Do you know that TikTok has become the 5th largest social media platform?

This app can only be used where adult content have not been banned therefore user can use it

if they are allowed to view this type of content.

What is OnlyTik?

Nowadays, Shorts video apps are becoming very famous. Users can watch short reels and videos on every platform such as Instagram and TikTok

Even to compete with these two giant apps youtube has also launched youtube shorts on their app.

Hence, you can easily assume that short video apps are very good for creators and users.

But TikTok and Instagram have imposed restrictions on uploading adult and spicy videos on their platform

Therefore new developers have decided to launch their online platform named OnlyTik.

onlytik apk

Here users can share and upload short videos without any restriction, you can publish adult content to grow your audience.

This platform allows you to publish any videos that you want to upload also you can earn money from these videos.


remember that it contains only adult content of TikTok which is uploaded by users.

it is fully illegal to watch those contents.

By using onlytic apk you can easily watch all adult videos on your android smartphone.

You know that TikTok is a social media app that is being used by almost every age of people therefore TikTok has introduced its rules.

Which, you can’t upload any adult or explicit content if anyone uploads their account will be removed from their site. Therefore TikTok launched only tik a named application that supports adult content. But if adult content is banned in your country then you can not use this app.

You can use it only if you turn on the VPN and change your server. So if you want to download the latest version of only tik you can download it from the below link.

Create your own video

A long time ago, we were used to watching videos of more than 5 to 6 minutes but now, no one has time to watch big videos

Therefore companies have got ideas about launching new short video-sharing applications.

The main things about these applications are that you can create and upload videos of up to 1 min (60 seconds),

but you cannot upload bigger videos than this.

Also, some developers have thought to introduce an adult video-sharing application

so that users can upload videos without being banned on the new platform named OnlyTik.

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Swipe Up to Discover New Content

In onlytik, you will only need to swipe up to discover and watch new videos and swipe down to watch recently watched videos.

This method is new however users can see this feature in all short video-sharing platforms.

For example, if you have ever used Instagram reels then you know that to find new reels we need to swipe up and for going to the previous reel, we need to swipe down.

Users can also like, dislike and comment on videos from the right side of that particular video.

Important Features of Onlytik

It is similar to an alternative to TikTok, if you are in search of an alternative to TikTok then it is a very good option for you.

Lightweight app

OnlyTik Apk is a very light application, it won’t need a high-end device, and you can play it on any device.

The size of this application is only 23MB therefore you don’t need to think about size and os.

Even if you have a 1GB RAM android phone, you can install it on your mobile phone.

Third-Party Developer

We would like to inform you clearly that onlytik has no connection with TikTok, it can be considered as an alternative

But it has been created and developed by third-party developers. It gives you permission to upload any type of short video.

Many interesting Videos

The best platform to unleash your intelligence and creativity there are many creators who will create unique and amazing content for you.

You will find every type of video that helps you to enjoy your time. So, if you want to use onlytik apk, you can download it from the below link.

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No need to register

In other social media apps, users have to create their account in order to use or watch any content of that platform

But in onlytik, you don’t need to create an account for watching any videos.

However, if you want to upload videos on onlytik platform then you will have to create and register yourself on this platform.

Almost, thousands of videos have been added on daily basis on this platform

therefore you will see new exciting videos daily.

Daily Updates

Even you will receive a notification if any new update of Onlytik is released. It is free to download and use this application.

Follow famous creators

User can follow their favorite creators. If users like videos of any creator they can follow them and comment on their videos,

so that your favorite celebrity will also read your comments and they may reply to you if they liked your message.

Download Onlytik Apk

Version : V1.3.4 |  Developer : Onlytik Official|  Size : 26 MB

If You Are Facing Any Problems Using Direct Download Button, Please Refresh the Page or Try to Use the Mirror Link

Extra Info

You know that short videos are becoming more and more famous because it entertains the audience more and more.

even though we can make short videos and earn money easily but some popular apps like TikTok have many restrictions on the production of content so you need an app that does not have any high restrictions.

Therefore onlytik app is launched to provide users with the safety of their accounts

if you use other short apps then your account might get banned permanently for making 18+ videos.

but if we use onlytic then we don’t need to be worried about the account banning your account will always be in a good condition.

also, there are many users who have had a positive experience in using this apk app because it does not put any kind of restrictions

even though we all know that 18+ content has a high chance of being viral as shorts.


Is onlytik free to use?

Yes, it is free to use platform where users don’t need to pay anything for using and watching videos.

Who can watch videos on onlytik app?

If your age is above 18 only then you can watch videos otherwise you cannot use onlytik app on your phone.

How to download onlytik apk?

To download this apk, you just need to download it from the link that we have provided in our post.

Is onlytik available on the google play store?

Unfortunately, it is not available on the google play store because it has adult content therefore users can only use it from third-party sites.


Unfortunately, it is not available on the google play store because it has adult content therefore users can only use it from third-party sites.

It is a modern application with amazing videos. In this post, we have explained everything feature of onlytik,

now it is your time to decide of using or not to use the app.

We hope that you have found the information that you were looking for. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and comment on this post.

Users can use it on their smartphone, PC, or windows devices if you have any device you can watch short videos on the official website

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