Dig Dug Girl APK v1.2 (Latest Version)

Dig Dug Girl is the most famous cartoon girl who can inflate her body and other parts like breasts etc.

It is also similar to a game that attacks the enemy with the help of a pump. Therefore I have added the image of that cartoon girl below.

So let’s learn full details about this popular game without wasting a minute.

About Dig Dug Girl Apk

Dig dug girl apk is a famous game where a girl uses a pump to keep pumping until all her things start floating like a balloon.

Also, they are females who have a loudspeaker that shows that they are pumping milk. The name of the developer of this game is Ho Chi Minh City Polytechnic High School.

We also shared some screenshots of this so that you can easily understand everything about it.

It is popular in Vietnam therefore if you are looking to download Dig dug girl Apk in the Vietnamese language then you are in the right place to download it.

This game is similar to killing enemies who are underground. The players can see two enemies from two categories.

dig dug girl

The first one is pooka if anybody touches these he will die and the second one is mouth shooter who can kill any player by shooting them with their mouth or touching them.

Game Storyline

It is an arcade game that was started in the 80s, it involves shooting your opponent with an air bomb and it will inflate them until they float and explode.

The dig dug is very simple and easy to comprehend and winning it will be very difficult.

To get a high score in the game, you will have to play again and again. The main character is dig dug as I have already mentioned above.

There are two main enemies named fygar and ghosts. You will need to find each enemy and then blow them up with your air bomb before they move anywhere.

dig dug girl apk download

Besides, remember that you will have to save yourself fygar’s fire. However, for new players, I would like to tell you that

For attacking your enemy, you will have to stand in front of your enemy than when you press the air bomb button

The enemy will start floating until you kill them. The players can also earn points by taking vegetables from the garden.

On the main level, the music will begin and all normal enemies will try to escape from the garden through the hole which is in the surface on the left.

During this time, Fygars will start finding dig dug and if he finds it, he will kill dig dug girl.

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Features of Dig Dug Girl

  • A fire-breathing dinosaur named Fygar rides gig day girl
  • 30 Animated GIFs of Dig dug girl
  • She (the girl) moves her chest forward with clumsiness
  • Mario VS Dig Dig
  • The digger sits because he is tired and breathless
  • She walks around with a pike which is actually a pump hose
  • There is something I would like to do with this giant pump
  • The girl who pumped herself exposed
  • Level up dig dug girl
  • An animated GIF sticker of a digging girl pumping her pump
  • The dragon will ride a hunter
  • He will blow up you if you are a monster
  • It’s a cheerful and red-digging pump
  • You can easily walk around this beautiful blue hole in the garden
  • The old-fashioned spade in action
  • He dug, because of dig-dog’s anger
  • She inflates her whole body like a balloon

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More Details

Download Dig Dug Girl Apk
Updated On1 February 2023
DeveloperMod Apk
Supported On4.0 and Up
Size 48MB

How to install Dig Dug Girl APK for Android

  • Go to “settings” and find “unknown sources” and activate if it is not activated.
  • Tap on the download Dig Dug Girl Apk after waiting for 19 seconds.
  • Click on the download and then tap on install.
  • Wait for a few seconds then again click on the done option
  • Now open the game and start playing.

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Final Words

The main level which is hard to win is Fygar’s fire. He is a dinosaur who can burn anyone into ashes with his breathing fire.

In short, the game is extremely good with the best graphics. This will surely be loved by you.

However, if any user wants to ask any questions then don’t forget to comment below and also share the dig dug girl apk post with your friends and family.

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